Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Inspires You?


What really gets you inspired? Pumped-up and ready to hit it? *Cue Rocky Theme Song* Is it seeing or reading about other athletes setting records, stories of people overcoming the odds, individuals accomplishing their own feats that then motivate you to tackle your own? Is it a particular playlist or song that really strikes a chord with you and makes you want to demolish that interval workout? Is it seeing your own progress or fitness journey; tracking how far you've come inspires you to keep going, to keep setting the bar higher? Heck, it could even be proving other people wrong or a healthy dose of competition...WHO said they could run a 5k faster than you...I think not!

Whatever it is, sometimes it's nice to take a moment and think about what keeps you going back for more. Recognizing what drives you forward and remembering that, the feeling it gives you, can help you slog through the times or days when your motivation may be lagging. We all have those days; maybe you got slammed with a really rough day at work or school and the temptation of just blowing off any kind of exercise in favor of TiVo and Mr. Ben & Jerry is really strong...remember those things that get you amped up to sweat it out.

Staying motivated and on the track to accomplishing your goals, both fitness related and in life, is what separates the 'do'ers' from the 'wishers and remissers.' One reason it's found that kids who participate in sports do better in school and in other areas of life is that they learn to set goals and then push through the trials to reach those goals...they learn dedication and that lesson carries over into adulthood.

Writing your goals down and channeling the things that get you motivated is a great way to combat the urge to give up, give in, when things get tough. Writing motivational phrases on post-it's or in the margins of your workout logs is one way; hanging a picture of a certain athlete is another way, or even hanging up a picture of YOU at the finish line of a race you are particularly proud of. Remember and hold on to what gets you amped up so that the next time you aren't quite sure if you can do it, or don't really feel like lacing those shoes, it can help give you the 'friendly' kick in the butt to tackle a challenge head-on.

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