Friday, February 11, 2011

Amanda and Caitlin's Crash-Course Survival for Valentine's Day


Didja see it already?!?! Well, if you missed our write-up don't fret because you can check it out over at the website: Full Crash-Course Run Down

Buuut, because we love all our blog readers you can see our fun cartoons enjoying the Devilishly Divine Cherry Cups! Our run down includes that recipe, more meal tips, and two fun workouts to do with your beau OR with some lovely girlfriends because while this holiday may be cooked up by Hallmark and the chocolate companies that doesn't mean we can't spread the love to one and all. And that includes showering your amazing self with love...confidence is sexy people and that comes from being comfortable in your bod! (albeit a fit and toned one! hehe)
So in case we haven't said it enough, get to sweating, have a great weekend, lovely visit from our fat Cupid friend, (we'll let him get away with a few extra rolls...I mean he IS a baby after all!) and enjoy or special holiday inspired article! :)

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