Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too Tired To Exercise???

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear the phrase, " I'm too tired to workout".

"Too Tired" is not an excuse to skip your workout.
Rather than ditching your workout altogether and letting your fatigue feed on itself: alter the type of exercise you do or the amount of time you spend doing it.

I strongly believe that just a 15, 20, or 30+ minute workout, can turn a day that is lacking in drive, motivation and energy into one that is positively reinforcing and bursting with energy and excitement at the possibility of it all.

Just this short burst will not only blast calories, it will boost your metabloism and do wonders for your mood and confidence. And if you think it will interrupt your work, take into account that studies have shown that physical exertion will actually help stimulate brain activity and relieve stress.

So go ahead, step away from your desk or the TV for a bit and rejuvenate your body and your mind!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi Everybody,

After several months in the making, I have finally managed to get my website up and running! There are still additions to be made and features to be added, but it is all set for the most part. There is even a forum for you, to make posting easier and connect with others!
I hope you stop by and hopefully join. It's totally free!!

I hope you enjoy my site and get everything out of it that I hope for. If you have any questions, ideas or thoughts, please contact me, or post on the forum. I will be staying on top of checking it and getting back to everyone. However, if it does take me a day or two, please forgive. I am also busy with full time grad school and working on the creation and production of workout videos (big things to come!), so sometimes it slips me, but I will do my best.

Also, for all of you business owners out there, there is a tab for 'Advertising' - if you would like to reach the fit and healthy market that hits my website, please email me about advertising. I am happy to discuss.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Website Soon!!

I have been busy at work to stay true to my resolution to launch a website for everyone that is easier to navigate and provide much more information and tools. 

5 Months in the making! Please stay tuned for the best new fitness website!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I look forward to connecting with you.