Monday, February 28, 2011

20 Minute Stair Jammer Workout

Q: I'm not able to get to a gym and realistically the only time I have to workout is during my lunch break. I'm stuck on site but the building layout has plenty of flights of stairs that I could use without the risk of running into anyone. (Most people use the elevators!) I'm hoping you could give me a workout that I can do in 20 minutes but will still give me!

A: I really like this question for a few reasons. Firstly, you refuse to offer up the fact that you aren't able to get to the gym and have a jam packed schedule as an excuse to just NOT workout. Secondly, you are looking at what resources you DO have and how to turn them into an effective platform for your great job already, Charlotte! So I had fun taking on your little challenge and devising a quick workout that will ramp up your heart rate, engage all the major muscle groups, combine strength and cardio, and turn your lunch break into a fitness power session!

The great thing about stairs is that you can use them to really get the heart pumping rather quickly. Which is a bonus being that many people are very busy and only have time for a workout short in time but high in quality. Another plus is that like running up hills, stairs really work the thighs and glutes and will give that tush of your a nice lift! All you'll need then for this workout is a couple flights of stairs, a stopwatch, 20 minutes, and the will to kick your own butt!

Do each exercise for 45 seconds and then move right into the next exercise. At the end of the set you can take 30 seconds to rest and regroup and then cycle through the exercises again. Do a total of 4 sets and then dash back to the office...though you may want to find a spot for a quick rinse off! :)

Stair Jammer Workout

  • Flight Dash - First exercise is to just start out running up the stairs one step at a time
  • Rocket Squat Jumps - At the top of the flight, lower into a deep squat and then explode off the ground, reaching your arms up over your head and trying to get as high as you can. Land, get back into the squatting position and jump again.
  • Push-Ups - Blast out those push-ups and you can do them on your knees if you need to. To make them harder, put your feet up a couple of stairs so that they are higher than your hands and make them elevated push-ups.
  • Stair Quick Feet Taps - Stand at the bottom of one landing and face the stairs. You'll then alternate tapping one foot on the stair directly in front of you and then the other foot. You'll stay then in the same position but you want your feet to tap the stair and get back down as quickly as you can; see how many times you can tap that step.
  • Bicycle Crunch - Crunch side to side as you bicycle your legs; you'll then want to reach your elbow towards the opposite knee as you go.
  • Stair Bounds - You'll again be going up the stairs but this time go two at a time. To make it more advanced see if you can do them even three at time.

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