Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweat and the City - Chuck Self-consciousness and Get the MOST out of Your Sweat Sessions

If you're leaving that treadmill a drippy mess then you're doing something right. Working out for results can be gross, should be sweaty, and can get downright stanky. Oh the price of looking amazing! ;)

Yes it can be a little embarrassing being that you probably aren't looking your best blasting out an intense interval session, and I myself have been in the spot of the quick sprint back to the locker room in as much haste as I was running on the treadmill. But you know now, who cares?

I have heard people say, "Oh, I can't go that hard because I'm going to get all sweaty." Are you serious? Isn't that the point? The treadmill belt is not a runway, the stairclimber is not the stairwell to Hef's Mansion. When you're going to get your workout on work it out. Amanda has challenged those partaking in her kick-your-butt bootcamps to go sans make-up on Monday (scary I'm sure for plenty!) and I'm challenging you to get as sweaty, drippy, stanky, and one hot messy as possible in your workouts.

Just think of it like the worse you look during your sweat session the hotter you're going to look for the other 23 hours of the day...I promise. Need some inspiration to get you started? Here's an interval cardio routine:

*5 minute warm-up on the cardio machine of your choice (I like the treadmill or elliptical!)
*1 minute power interval- kick up the speed or resistance and go HARD for this minute, get that heart rate up there
*1 minute recovery- keep moving but lower the speed/resistance and let yourself regroup
*2 minute power interval- go hard again but at a pace/workload that you're able to sustain a minute longer
*2 minute recovery
*1 minute power interval- push your limits here, you'll be feeling that burn
*1 minute recovery
*2 minute power interval
*2 minute recovery
*3 minute endurance push- this time you'll be going hard the whole time but do it so that you get a little faster each minute; pick up the pace or increase the resistance so that by that last minute you are nearing a max effort...get that piece of equipment nice and sweaty!
*finish with a cool-down

Don't think about looking a hot mess, join me and chuck self-consciousness out the window. If you've got time maybe squeeze in a quick core session and work on those abs of steel. :)

If you're looking for another awesome interval workout to try, read HERE one Amanda just posted up that's perfect to get you over the post-break-up blues.

1) Do you feel self-conscious sometimes at the gym or while you're really working out hard?
I used to, especially because I SWEAR I must have overactive sweat glands, but I don't let it get in my way from putting my all into my workouts. That's what showers are for!
2) How are you staying cool in the summer heat?
I make sure to stay hydrated and opt for moisture wicking gym wear. You won't find me donning a cotton tee that by the end of the run will weight about 20 pounds! ;)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're Back and With Some Fair Food Shockers!

Well hello again! First off, sorry for being MIA for so long!! Blogger decided that it would spontaneously eat our blog and then not give it back. Thankfully it was recovered but there were some other niggles to work out. Regardless, we are back up and running and extend our apologies.

Moving on to new material, have you all heard about the latest fair food find? If you haven't it's fried Kool-aid. Yes, you heard that right. Is there nothing that Americans won't try and fry? If you're putting down the fried Twinkie and already grabbing your coat to jump on this latest concoction than feel free to disregard the rest of this post.

Summer is here, hopefully the weather is nicer where you are, and that means there are plenty of outside actives and events going on. Fairs are one of them, and while I'm always up for a good concert, checking out some blue ribbon winners and if the rides look relatively safe to ride I'll catch a turn on the Tilt-a-whirl. But what can be scarier than the seedy character operating those rides is what's lurking behind those concession stands.

Now, of course there are times when even the healthiest of folks deserve to indulge in some not so 'healthy' treats. I mean we ARE human and everything in moderation. Also, if you are active you have a little more freedom to cut yourself some slack when it comes to food. But knowledge is power after all and while Im sure you wouldn't' guess that funnel cake is a low-cal option, you may be surprised that even the seemingly 'okay' foods are not so diet friendly. Here are a few shockers that even Bozo might not smile about:

* Funnel Cake (8.3 oz)- 760 cals/44 g fat
* Fried Twinkie (2 oz)- 420 cals/34 g fat
* Fried Dough (6 oz)- 720 cals/39 g fat
* Onion Rings (3 rings)- 309 cals/13 g fat
* Soft Pretzel (1 pretzel)- 340 cals/2 g fat
* Caramel Apple (7 oz apple)- 298 cals/9 g fat
* Chocolate Frozen Banana (4.9 oz)- 240 cals/5 g fat
* Regular Corn Dog (4 oz)9 250 cals/14 g fat
* Jumbo Corn Dog (6 oz)- 375 cals/21 g fat
* Cotton candy (1.5 oz)- 171 cals/0 g fat
* Small Frozen Yogurt w/ Sugar Cone (10 oz)- 340 cals/1.5 g fat
* Smoked Turkey Legs (19 oz)- 1,136 cals/54 g fat
* Snow Cone (3 oz)- 270 cals/0 g fat
* Fried Onion Flower (1 onion)- 1,320 cals/72 g fat
* Fried Oreo (1)- 98 cals/5.8 g fat
* Foot Long Hot Dog- 470 cals/52 g fat
* Kettle Corn (7 cups)- 490 cals/12 g fat

Okay, just doing some comparisons I think more than a few would be surprised to find that if you went with a small corn dog instead of a soft pretzel you'd come in with 90 calories less. Also note that a caramel apple has about the same number of calories as the fried onion rings. Think a little sugar and ice in the form of a snow cone is a safe bet? Yes there may not be any fat in there but it's got 270 calories of pure sugar. I don't think I'm even going to have to address the fried onion flower or the smoked turkey legs. If you eat those then you're on your own.

So if you're hitting up the fair, you might want to either pack yourself a little snack or do a little reading up on the stats of your favorite fair foods. That said, if you do plan to chance it on that Tilt-a-whirl make sure to save any noshing for after!

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