Monday, May 16, 2011

Top Five Fitness Pet Peeves - A Monday Rant

Today's post is going to be a little bit of a fitness rant. Maybe I've seen one too many Easy-Tone commercials, maybe it was the addition of the clothing line that put me over the top, who knows. For whatever reason, today's post is going to be my top five workout and fitness pet peeves:

5) The Fat Burning Zone Workout on Cardio Machines. Okay, every time I see that option number in the menu on cardio machines, I can't help but laugh. Or sometimes it's depicted on a little heart rate zone chart, that little green block colored in below the 'Cardio Training Zone.' You'll note the heart rate numbers are pretty low, and if you actually press that workout option the effort is usually about a brisk walk. I don't like it because if someone new to working out were to just jump on the treadmill, it would be a fair assumption that picking this workout option would be their 'best bet' to losing weight, I don't fault them for falling victim to this one. There is a basis behind naming this low intensity zone for 'fat burning' but it's outdated and if you really want to get results and lose weight you need to UP the intensity and be working out in a higher heart rate zone. 'Nuff said.

4) Everyone and Their Uncle's Fat Loss Pills. It seems every single day I see a new reality show 'star' or other kind of celebrity endorsing their own 'unique' blend of ingredients all slammed into one pill that is the SURE FIRE way to get you to finally lose weight and being a champ. I think the latest is Ronnie from Jersey Shore and now of course in order to keep up with his Biggest Loser pal, Jillian, the other trainer has his. I apologize for not having the names on the top of my head because I don't really watch the show, but you catch my drift.

3) Those 'I don't workout and just eat whatever' People. I DO however confess to reading tabloid sleaze, but c'mon they are sitting their at every check-out aisle and if the lady in front of me is taking forever can you blame me for taking a look-see? You see tons of celebs, always super skinny and with amazing bodies, claiming, "I'm just genetically blessed, I NEVER workout and I just ate a whole pizza for lunch!" Okay, I don't know if they just think it's 'cool' to claim they never have to bust a sweat, but I disagree because exercise isn't something that is bad...too many great benefits. Now I do know there are people who are naturally slim, but I'm going to go out on a limb and call many of these folks out. I doubt they never workout.

2) Easy Tone My Butt. Okay, I opened the post with this one, and now more and more shoe brands have their version. The spokesperson ALWAYS says how they ditch the gym and now their lives are infinitely better because of these shoes. FALSE. A shoe change isn't going to give you a get out of workout free pass. If you want to wear them WHILE you're working out maybe they can give you some benefits, or in addition to your workouts, but a shoe isn't going to run a couple of miles for you, sorry Kim K.

1) Easy Tone Clothes. This one piggy-backs the last one and it only beats it out because this claim is even more ridiculous. You're telling me that a shirt is going to give me the same results as a real workout? Sorry, I'm not buying it.

Well, that's it for today's little fitness rant, and I encourage you all to air your own pet peeves if you'd like! Happy Monday and now go get your workout on! :)

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