Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dynamic FIT Mom Awards -- Vote for who you think is the top fitness inspiring Mommy!

Well, we'd like to thank you all for your submissions into the Dynamic FIT Mom's awards!! Each and every woman was a superstar in her own right, but we've had to narrow it down to the top five moms, and now it is up to all of YOU to decide who ranks supreme. Here's the profile of our top five contestants:

Debbie Napieralski: "Debbie is not just an inspiration to her family and friends but to the entire community!" Being the only female in a house with four guys (a husband and three boys) and trying to keep the chaos to a minimum is a tall order, but she manages like a champ. The Napieralskis are a family of runners (even the dog is named Pre!) and weekends are either spent at a road race or leading a Fleet Feet Training Group run. Debbie is a leader of one such pace group and takes this role to heart, cheering her runners through their workouts, encouraging them if they are struggling in a race, and all-the-while joining them every step of the way. "She has inspired me to achieve goals I've never thought possible, and I know the same is true for countless others. I NEVER thought I could be a runner, but I've already finished a 10 mile race and am gearing up for a half-marathon next!" When not running, Debbie keeps her fellow companions fueled up...running does burn up loads of calories after all. Manning aide stations at events (such as marathons and 50+ milers) and post-race expo's, the spread includes of course healthy fare but Debbie is famous for her signature sugar cookies where creativity always takes center stage. "One of the best parts of running a race with Debbie is getting to see what kind of cookies she brings for after! We've had ones shaped like cows for the Cow Pie Run, shamrocks, hearts, running shoes...and the toppings are just as delicious."

Clara Peterson: "Having a woman pass me in a race isn't something that usually happens to me, but I couldn't believe it when I saw that she was probably about nine months pregnant!" Watch out guys, better keep those egos in check cuz this hot mamma is smoking fast! Though, Clara is no stranger when it comes to beating the boys. She was one of the Nation's top ranked high school preps in cross-country and track, went on to continued success at Duke, and then to run professionally. She's won plenty of titles and represented the USA at the World XC Championships, but her greatest victory is being an incredible mother and wife. Now married (and her husband is no slouch either...Jeff is a top ranked triathlete and when not training himself works as a coach. We're talking about one SERIOUSLY fit family!) and with two kids, nothing has slowed her down. Clara just gave birth to her little girl and already this foursome has been bonding on hikes and at the track. "Those kids are going to be superstars in ANY sport they do!" Clearly living a healthy and active life suits this family as any one of them could double as a fitness model too. "Clara is an inspiration to moms and women everywhere." And I think it's safe to say an inspiration to men everywhere to step up their game as well, they better watch out because that woman beating them very well may be running for two!

Janet Freerks: "Janet is the best at ANYTHING she puts her mind to...whether it is on a project, on the field, and most recently while tackling mommy-hood!" Some people are just born competitors and such is the case with Janet, she made a name for herself as a top soccer and softball player and today still does her best to do something active each and every day. She had an amazing example of support set for her as her own parents never missed one of her games, and she plans to carry on that tradition with her own little boy. "I will never forget the day, when playing as one of the only girls in the club football championships, Janet made a block on a guy, took him down, but when she came up had clearly broken her nose...she ran inside, put on some bandages, and then finished the game! We did win though!" Dedication and determination is clearly evident, but don't get us wrong, this mommy certainly has a softer, nurturing side too. "Seeing her with Cooper, it just melts your heart." She and her fiancee already get the little guy in on the family fitness fun with walks, and when he's old enough they plan to inspire in him the same kind of passion for health, sports, and fitness that both of his parents have.

Jo Ann Hunt: "Some women have a few children, Jo Ann has hundreds!" Don't worry, she hasn't been THAT busy, instead, Jo Ann is like a mother to the countless high-schoolers that attend the annual running camp that she and her husband (who has coached for the vast majority of his nearly 85 years!) put on. But her tender heart and care extends well past the end of summer, as most of the other staffers are either camp alums or former athletes of the coach. "Jo Ann, and Jim, give all of themselves to those kids, you can see just how much they truly love it! Their enthusiasm and passion makes this camp what it is and why these kids keep coming back year after year, even after they've graduated. Once a camper always a camper!" Jo Ann has raised her own children and is now granted the joy of grandmotherhood, but she has also inspired and cultured an appreciation of heath and fitness to multiple generations.

Kellie Malamatenios: "Every time I leave one of Kellie's yoga classes I feel not only re-energized and refreshed, but also already looking forward to the next one!" Teaching yoga is just one of this mighty mom's many forte's, raising three boys has certainly kept her busy but she always makes time to be their team mom for football. Setting an example of fitness and health since the boys were young, Kellie has always made working out a priority and used to be a body-builder. Today, she still likes to incorporate her weight room exercises and "likes to mix old-school with new disciplines." Her latest obsession? Kettlebells! So in addition to her yoga instruction she balances out the more centering focused practice with the high-intensity, calorie blasting boot-camp type workouts. She also tackles mountain biking, "sitting next to Kellie out on a ride, she spurs me on to push myself harder. Anytime I feel like slacking off she inspires me give it my all." Kellie knows just how important it is to treat your body right and she takes that same attentiveness to her family. "Yes, boys will be boys and I'm sure they may cause her plenty of headaches at home, but out in public all you see are true gentlemen, which is a rarity today. She's certainly raised them right."

Alright, so it's all in your hands! Vote for your top pick in our poll over at the top right-hand side of the blog, just under our newsletter icon. The winner will be announced on Mother's Day, so be sure to tell your friends and get them to vote before then as well...the more voters the more fun, right?! Then be :)

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  1. Well, it was a CLOSE race, but in the end Debbie came out the winner and will be getting her choice case of Zico Fitness Water. But ALL of these moms are AWESOME and will be inducted into our FIT Mom's Hall of Fame!! Thanks to all who voted and have a great one! :)