Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday's Motivation -- Get that butt out the door!!

You see those shoes staring up at you, taunting you, but suddenly the three feet between them and your comfortably seated tush seem to stretch on for miles. If you're struggling and need a little motivation to get in that workout here are a few tips:
  • Make a deal with your inner sloth: Tell yourself that you'll just get out and do a few minutes...that you won't make yourself do your 'full' workout. More often than not once you get on that elliptical and the first 5 minutes have passed you'll get that endorphin rush and be motivated to actually finish that full workout that seemed too daunting before.
  • See into the future: No, you won't be whipping out that crystal ball, but instead envision yourself AFTER you finish your workout. Think of how strong, accomplished, and energized you will feel and just know that that feeling is far better than the on you'll be feeling after a couch-fest.
  • Amp the tunage: Get excited for your workout by putting together a new playlist, one that keeps you pumped up and moving! 
  • Will you be my friend? : Find a buddy to hit the gym with you or go for a run with. The time will go by faster when you're chatting those miles away and if you set up your gym date in advance you'll be far less likely to blow it off.
Alright guys, so that's your flash of motivation today! We'd also love to hear some of your own tricks to getting out the door, so feel free to share. Have a wonderful day and don't trip on those shoelaces! :)

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