Monday, January 17, 2011

Gym Offenders Caught! - Take Two


We love a good pump-up song as much as the next person, but that elliptical machine is not the American Idol stage, my friend! Tone-deaf Tom is not at fault for plugging in while he sweats, (In fact it's been shown that listening to upbeat, louder music can improve your workouts...and check back soon for an article on that!) and we'd even let him get away wish humming a few bars, or carrying out a few chorus lines at a reasonably lower level. But, we've all heard the guy in the far corner of the gym literally belting out not only the refrains but all the lyrics like he was taking a stab at Karaoke night!

The trouble only doubles when Tom's choice of music is a wee bit odd, (We don't want any Michael Bolton revivals in our gyms!) and so this is another Gym Offenders Caught. Take heed people to scrutinize your playlists; but really whatever gets you moving, we won't judge so long as we don't all have to listen to it.

On that note...who'd like to share some of their own favorite songs that get them energized and ready to hit it?

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  1. Hey Amanda,

    Here are some of my favorite songs:
    - Chariots of Fire Theme
    - Rocky Theme Song and Eye of the Tiger
    - Fort Minor's Remember the Name
    - Darude - Sandstorm

    Looking forward to hear what others have to say :)

    Smile =)

  2. Hey Josh!!

    Oooh, kicking it old skool!'ve got a great playlist there! I think maybe Queen's 'Another bites the Dust' could also fit. :)

    Keep on rocking and sweating,
    A + C