Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Squeeze in those workouts so you're not squeezing into your jeans!

Happy Holidays! This time of the year is often associated with our favorite food fares, plenty of parties (with ample amounts of drinks and spreads), and a sort of 'throw your troubles to the wind' attitude. Unfortunately, what many people also do is allow their workouts to be tossed to the wayside as well.

Neglecting fitness during the holidays can be attributed to a variety of reasons: you're busy traveling and just don't have time to cram in a workout, the holidays should be spent with the family not breaking a sweat, and of course the steadfast, "I'll get fit in the New Year." Yet there really is no reason why you can't do your body a favor and stay active throughout the entire year...again, fitness is a way of life! So here are a few things to keep in mind between parties and cups of hot cocoa as well as some tips for even the busiest of folk.

  • Keep Your Fit Mindset: Athletes and fitness fanatics alike don't view this time of the year much different than any other. Of course you should allow yourself to be a bit more flexible in your schedule and indulge in some of the more decadent foods as well, but you should still stick to your workout regimine. Remember all the hard work you've done to attain your current level of strength and stamina and that doing nothing for even a couple weeks will set you way back.
  • Get Sneaky With It: Even if you are waiting for a connecting flight or not in a typical 'gym' environment, that doesn't mean you can't get in a mini-workout. Yes, you may need to kick your self-consciousness to the curb, but you can find a secluded corner and bust out a few sets of push-ups, crunches, chair dips, and even jumping jacks to get the heart rate elevated.
  • Get Everyone Involved: Going for a family run (they even have a few fun runs on Christmas!), snowshoeing, and even a little competitive soccer game are all ways you can both get in your workout and bond with the family.
  • Set the Alarm Clock: While in an ideal world everyone would share your same motivation to workout, but that's not reality. If your family isn't one that is all too keen to breaking a sweat, and there are even instances where us fitness folk catch some flack for being cited as cramping their plans, wake up earlier and get your workout in before any of the planned events. You'll feel better about yourself, be energized for the rest of the day, and your workout won't effect anyone else's schedule.
  • Savor those Treats: Any diet should include some of your favorite foods, everything in moderation, and view this time of the year as that. Allow yourself some of the things you truly crave, but you don't have to think of the buffet table as a challenge. Take a look at all that is offered and then fill your plate with a healthy balance; pick a few things you usually may not allow yourself but don't negelect healthy eating habits.
Another great perk, and motivating factor, to keep up your fitness program is that burning off all those calories grants you even greater leeway when it comes times for cookies and cake! You'll also be ringing in the New Year wearing the same jeans size and feeling far better about yourself.

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