Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gym Offenders Caught!

We've all seen them, we've all rolled our eyes at them, and we may even *gasp* be friends with one of them! They are the notorious gym goers engaging in the most obnoxious, annoying, and sometimes just plain rude activities. Whether it is hogging the machines by resting on them (as if they've never heard of the term 'working in' should you be so bold as to ask them), grunting like a gorilla at the bench press, leaving big sweaty pools on the equipment and walking away, or looking like a kind of Gym Barbie, no matter your location these stereotypes are apt to follow.

True, many of these habits are essentially harmless (unless you happen to lay back on a huge sweat spot!) but they surely grind your gears. And what better way to let out that frustration than to poke a little fun at these folks! So we have for your entertainment Gym Offenders Caught! Hopefully you will get a little chuckle, and if you see something that hits a little too close to home, then maybe you can take note and help to make each and every gym out there a bit more enjoyable for the rest of us!


Ahhh, the Lackadaisical Lucy of the cardio equipment...but has anyone ever told her that plodding along at 2.0 mph does not a workout consist? The key to any kind of workout is to actually work...feel that burn because that will yield you results. Ramp up that intensity, Lucy, and those pounds will start to budge; she also should pick up some weights and engage in strength exercises to build lean muscle which will increase her metabolism. Finally, she needs to adjust her diet and make sure she's eating the right kinds of carbs, getting plenty of protein, avoiding saturated fats, and keeping everything in balance. Yet the most annoying part of Lucy's behavior is that she is the one constantly complaining and professing that, "exercise just doesn't work" which we all know is a nasty, ugly, jiggly-thighed lie! :)

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