Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Dynamic Tribute FIT Women! -- And A Very Mommy Contest Too!!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, (Yes sons, daughters, husbands, boyfriends, grandchildren, kiddies, and everyone else…if you haven’t started figuring out something special for that mother in your life, here is a friendly reminder! Hehe) and Amanda and Caitlin found it the perfect opportunity to show that it IS possible to not only be a mom but to be a FIT Mom. Make that a Fitness-Inspiring-Toned Mom! (See what we did there?)

In anticipation of Mother’s Day we’re going to be rolling out a special newsletter highlighting get-real tips for cramming in those workouts despite hectic schedules and a little chaos, bouncing back to Hottie Mommy status after baby, and sound advice from who else but other moms?! But we also want to make it clear that while being a Fitness-Inspiring-Toned Mom IS possible, it DOESN’T mean they can do it all themselves….they may be super but still human after all! So we want to include EVERYONE…man, woman, child, boyfriend, girlfriend, hubby, daughter, son, grandfather, fetus…you get the picture. So we’ll also include a tribute to the other people who help these moms rock their fabulously fit status and what they do to make things possible.

BUT…it gets even better! That’s right, we’re going to be inducting a few special ladies into the Dynamic FIT Moms Hall of Fame…so that means we need some candidates! We’re now asking you to submit who YOU think deserves to be in the running. Which fantastic mother do you know that is not only a living example of fitness and health but also inspires others to follow suit. Because one of the BEST ways to instill in our youth is through example, what better than for kids to grow up around an active and healthy-eating example?

HOW TO SUBMIT: Anyone can do it…it’s really easy, see…just so long as you have that special lady in mind! Email by May 1st to: your candidate, include a picture of your tight and toned mom, and then a short reason why SHE has embodied the FIT spirit. How does she make being fitness a priority and then of course get the rewards of being a Hottie Mommy too?! Hehe.

JUDGING: Once we get all of the candidates, deadline to submit is again May 1st, Amanda and Caitlin will narrow the finalists down to five. From there we will post the top five and then ask YOU to come back and vote for the winner. It’s in your hands…WHO will come out to be this year’s Queen of Dynamic FIT Moms? This top mommy will not only be showered with praise, but also win a case, yes, a whole case of her choice of Zico Fitness Water! Woot-Woot…so she can keep on sipping right for those kick-butt workouts. But, all five of our finalists will garner our unyielding respect and become the first wave of inductees into the Dynamic FIT Moms Hall of Fame…so get your submissions ready people!

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