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Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Leaner – Calorie Blasting Weekly Rotation

In case you are new to this (as I was recently), a ‘rotation’ is known to fitness junkies as the program or workout schedule they follow for a certain period of time. They rotate or change the workout on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Many people have asked what it is that I do for my weekly routine. The amount, intensity, and type of workouts I do varies drastically depending on whether I’m training for something, traveling, battling a nagging injury, etc. But having a solid foundation and knowledge of your options helps you understand how to tweak things according to your schedule, your body, and your health. As we all know, life gets busy and for many people exercising is the first thing to go out the door – however, I am a firm believer that if you really want something badly enough, you make it a priority.

Whether it’s a super action hero body you’re after or simply the ability to run a certain distance, you must make the conscious decision to commit to what it takes to achieve that. If it helps, write down your program for the week so you already know what you want to achieve and you won’t have to think about it. The key knowing what it takes to get what you want and taking the action to go after it, no matter how hard; the results will be well worth it!!

Below is an example of a one week rotation schedule for me this November– it incorporates everything from cardio (of all types to keep from boredom and to keep the body guessing), as well as strength/resistance training, stretching and flexibility.

CARDIO: 30 Min Interval Workout (either running or elliptical machine)
See For Fast Results Try HIIT for an example of interval workout.
Followed by
3 sets of 15 pushups ** push ups are the key to incredibly defined arms
6 minutes of Abs
Plyometrics –10 burpees, 3 x 20 sec bounding, 1-2 min skipping

CARDIO: 25 min bike + 25 min elliptical or run (also known as a brick workout because it forces your body to learn to run after getting off a bike)
Followed by
3 sets of 15 pushups
3 x 15 Running Arms: light dumbbell in each hand (I use 12lb but started at 8lb, the key here is form! Look in mirror and do a running motion with arms only – feet are planted on the ground. Keep your core pulled tight, do 15 on each side – this breeds incredible core and upper body strength, but make sure your form is good, shoulders back, think ‘Strong Arms’.

Vinyasa or other athletic-type YOGA class – usually I do this in the evening because I don’t have time all at once.

CARDIO:45-60 Min in the POOL – swim a mile, then do a running workout in the water: see Training After an Injury

6 min of abs + stretching and PUSH UPS of course!!

CARDIO:Indoor Cycling Class or 50 min of hills on outdoor bike
Plyometric Circuit, see Monday
Followed by
3 sets of 15 pushups
45 seconds of Lateral Leaping (jumping side to side from one leg to the other)

2nd Workout: 20 min swim – mix it up with drills such as kickboard

CARDIO:Easy 30 -45 min of any type of cardio followed by a full body strength training workout consisting of:

-Walking Lunges
-Running Arms
-Step Ups
-Bench Press
-Rowing Arms
-Seated Row
-Pull Ups
-Hamstring Curls

*Approx 2 sets of 15 reps for each – if explanation is needed for any of these please post a comment and I will explain. Also, it is important to change the weight routine frequently so your body doesn’t become to ‘used to it’ and stop producing results

*Due to the high number of reps, I stick to relatively low but still challenging weights, the program is designed for long, lean and toned muscles, rather then big and bulky ones. This routine is also effective for runners looking to get faster!

Warrior Workout –I reserve my Sat mornings for this since it is when I know I will have time!
CARDIO:30-40 min run or elliptical (sometimes I through in a 10 min of tempo, aka faster paced running, in the middle)
60 min Bike ride outside or Spin class
1 mile Swim

*simulates a triathlon in reverse order

STRETCH + 3 x 15 Push Ups

**CAREFUL, this is an EXTREMELY high-calorie burning workout, so make sure to fuel properly and replenish afterward.

Rest or Easy Walk in the park

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  1. Wow, incredible workout! If I can't get to a pool, what would you recommend instead?